4th of July Brings Fireworks to Midstream.Taking the Good with the Bad

Monday’s DAPL Court Decision offsetting Warren Buffett’s Vote of Confidence in Pipeline Assets

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7 July

Tracking the Recovery - March 2009 Redux?

The jobs report this past Friday June 5th was a positive surprise, to say the least.  As we highlighted in our May webcast, “Tracking the Recovery: Market Vital Signs”, we are seeing broad based signs of a global...

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9 June

Energy Commentary | December 2019

Despite a few isolated misses, generally favorable third quarter 2019 energy sector operating and financial results provided a boost to investor confidence and a modest degree of support to equities heading into the end...

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17 December

Geo-Political Risk on the Rise

On Saturday, September 14th, coordinated drone strikes on critical Saudi Arabian oil production facilities knocked out nearly 60% of the country’s oil production capability, nearly 20% of the natural gas production, and...

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16 September

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